Monday, August 21, 2017

Real Relationships with Imaginary Characters

This is a TEDx video from OU with an OU faculty member: Jennifer Barnes. It was featured on the TEDx Innovations page... and since you are spending a lot of time with imaginary characters in this class, I think you might really enjoy what she says about our emotional investment in fictional worlds.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Amy Burvall: Trojan War

Here is one of Amy Burvall's wonderful "History Teacher" mash-up videos. This one is about the Trojan War, and the music is Tainted Love by Soft Cell. Be sure to turn on the captions to get all the lyrics:

In Homer’s epic tale of 
Ancient Greece in order to
Make some peace at a wedding
The handsome Paris had to make a choice
Who was most fair
Of all the goddesses there?
A golden apple they’d receive
And don’t you know he picked Aphrodite!
Then she promised him 
The love of a maiden
The most beautiful woman
From Sparta, her name was Helen
Wife of the King Menelaus, oh!

Trojan War
Trojan War

The Greeks were mad
They gathered all the ships they had
But then the fleet just wouldn’t move
So Agamemnon asked what he could do
To make things right
Diana needed sacrifice
With Agamemnon’s daughter slain
Those Greek ships could sail for Troy again
Ooh, Odysseus
Known for his eloquence
Ambassador to Priam
Demanded Troy return fair Helen
The king refused and that started the war

Trojan War
Trojan War

Hektor was killed
Then Paris shot Achilles’ heel
But the Greeks hid in a wooden horse
And breached those walls of Troy of course!

Trojan War
Trojan War

Face that launched a thousand ships
Talkin’ ‘bout the Trojan War
Face that launched a thousand ships
Talkin’ ‘bout the Trojan War

Monday, August 14, 2017

Illustrator: John Batten

John Batten (1860-1932, more at Wikipedia) is one of my favorite book illustrators; he often worked with Joseph Jacobs, who is one of my favorite book authors... and I was excited to find out that he did the illustrations for E. Dixon's Fairy Tales from the Arabian Nights.  There is a mix of full-page illustrations along with some smaller illustrations.

Here's one of his illustrations for the story of Aladdin:

And here's an animated gif of some more full-page illustrations:

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Project Ideas Index

Here's an idea at random... press reload for more:

Below is a list of the Project Idea posts with research tips and links, and these ideas are just a few out of the infinite possibilities! You are not constrained in any way by this list; in fact, one of the most exciting things that happens each semester is when people do projects that no one has ever done before.
  1. Creation Stories
  2. Gods
  3. Goddesses
  4. Weather Gods
  5. Moon Stories
  6. Heroines of Myth and Legend
  7. Heroes of Myth and Legend
  8. Tricksters
  9. Animals ... such as:
  10. Foxes
  11. Frogs
  12. Dogs
  13. Cats
  14. Tigers
  15. Horses
  16. Legendary Creatures
  17. Sea Monsters
  18. Dragons
  19. Mermaids
  20. Giants
  21. Werewolves
  22. Changelings
  23. Children Raised by Animals
  24. Ghost Stories
  25. OU Ghost Stories
  26. Stories about Food
  27. Cookbook
  28. Aesop's Fables
  29. Fable Animals ... such as:
  30. Lions in Aesop's Fables
  31. Greek Mythology
  32. Legendary Creatures of Greek Myth
  33. Gods and Goddesses of Olympus
  34. The Greek Goddesses
  35. Zeus / Jupiter
  36. Heracles / Hercules
  37. The Greek Underworld
  38. The Greek Titans
  39. Greek Heroes
  40. Greek Heroines
  41. Historical Greek Heroes
  42. Greek Constellations
  43. The Odyssey
  44. Bible Stories
  45. Women of the Bible
  46. Men of the Bible
  47. Bible Couples
  48. Bible Animals
  49. Saints
  50. Saints and their Animals
  51. Women Saints
  52. The Devil
  53. Thousand-and-One Nights
  54. Buddhist Jataka Tales
  55. Ghost Stories of India
  56. Stories from China
  57. Gods and Goddesses of Japan
  58. Japanese Fairy Tales
  59. Japanese Ghost Stories
  60. Korean Tales
  61. Vietnamese Legends
  62. Tibetan Stories
  63. Brazilian Stories
  64. African Traditions
  65. Native American Traditions
  66. Cherokee Stories
  67. Creek Stories
  68. Hawaiian Mythology
  69. Australian Stories
  70. Beowulf
  71. Robin Hood
  72. King Arthur and his Knights
  73. The Women of Camelot
  74. Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales
  75. Shakespeare
  76. Ballads
  77. Irish Mythology
  78. Irish Ghost Stories
  79. Celtic Creatures
  80. Nursery Rhymes / Mother Goose
  81. Alice in Wonderland
  82. The Land of Oz
  83. Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde
  84. Pirates
  85. Women Pirates
  86. Blackbeard
  87. Norse Mythology
  88. Siegfried
  89. The Kalevala
  90. Dante's Inferno
  91. Queen Margaret's Heptameron
  92. Charles Perrault
  93. Madame D'Aulnoy
  94. Italian Tales
  95. Brothers Grimm
  96. Hans Christian Andersen
  97. Dutch Stories
  98. Fairy Tales
  99. Fairy Tale Princesses
  100. Fairy Tale Princes
  101. Fairy Tale Villains
  102. Urban Legends
Looking for more ideas? Every book in the Freebookapalooza could be the starting point for a project. Here's a book at random; press reload for more.

Every unit here in the UnTextbook is also a potential project topic, so you can browse the units in the sidebar for more stories and ideas to ponder.